Nic Guest-Jelley

What I believe

  • JavaScript development is fun and only sometimes frustrating.
  • Creating web applications is the perfect way to use my unique mix of skills.
  • Making music with friends is food for the soul.

What I do

I am a senior front end web developer based in Music City, USA -- Nashville, Tennessee. I enjoy building web applications that successfully meet the needs of clients but can sustainably scale in the future. I especially seek opportunities to learn new ways of implementing web application architecture, which is good because there’s new stuff being released every week.

I enjoy working collaboratively in a flexible way to find the best solution to programming problems and seeing those solutions succeed in the wild. I believe in approaching things modularly to reduce complexity and maintenance time.

When I'm not online (not quite sure when that is), I enjoy playing pretty much any stringed instrument (bass, guitar, banjo), writing fun and quirky songs, and hanging out with my lovely wife.

What I've done

From developing web apps for Spendsetter to coding over 100 sites for Jack Henry and Associates, I've been around the web. Check out some of what I've been up to and see examples in action.